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Stuck in a Morning Rut?

I have always been a morning person. I enjoy the quiet solitude of the early morning. I started getting up before the sun when my kids were little. It was the only time I had to myself, with my own thoughts. I relished the dark, peaceful feeling of the house before the rest of my family woke up.

As my kids grew up I continued my early morning routine and started to incorporate some yoga and exercise. I found my body and mind needed the kickstart of movement and stretching to really get going everyday. I also relished the first cup of coffee and the ritual of its preparation. Soon it became a habit and I was getting up early almost everyday to drink my coffee alone. My idea was to get up early so I could exercise, meditate, and be present for the day. What ended up happening was I would make the coffee, settle on the couch to read the news and end up trolling Facebook. I often would skip the yoga practice or talk myself out of going for a run.

I was stuck in a morning rut. What’s a morning girl to do?

I reached out to my coaching sisters and asked for help in developing a morning ritual, one that would set me up for a successful day. I was guided to three different, brilliant women that helped shape my morning ritual. Each one of them gave me something to add and it has turned out to be a delightful experience.

One of my coaches in my training program, Maya Haugh, encouraged me to check in with myself in the morning and ask “How do I want to feel today?”

Casey Erin Wood has an entire virtual workshop about morning rituals that I listened to. She keeps it simple and provided me with some excellent things to do each morning. One of my favorites is Morning Pages – stream of consciousness writing to get all the crap out of my head.

And finally my coach, Jeannine Yoder, provided me with the most awesome program to develop a kick-ass morning ritual. I have combined the three into a ritual that helps me shape and welcome the day. I now have a sense of my purpose for the day, how I want to feel, and the clarity to act on it.

What are your morning routines or rituals? How do you like to start your day? Comment below. I would love to hear from you!

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