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What’s Your Theme Song?

I’ve never been good at setting yearly goals. I have pretty much sucked at setting any kind of revolution or intention. This year I was intrigued by the idea of planning and goal setting. I realized that in order for my life to move forward in the direction I desired I needed to set some goals. But which ones? How would I know they were in alignment with what I wanted?

Good question. Along came Jeannine Yoder’s Power of Themes. With her expert meditation guidance I was able to settle, to have a word choose me for the year.

My word for 2015 is EXPANSIVE. Holy crap. That word carries a lot of weight.

Expansive – unrestrained, open, free – not how I have always lived my life. BUT I know that is exactly why it needs to be my word. In order to expand you must contract and I feel like I have been contracting a ton the past 10 years. It is tome to bust out.

So what does EXPANSIVE look like?

It looks like me saying no to things that aren’t in alignment with how I want to live my life. It’s saying no to obligations no longer serving me and saying yes to opportunities that cross my path.

One of those opportunities is a workshop I am leading with Jaclyn Wallach. She and I will be leading a women only workshop on deep communication February 21 in Napa called Honor Your Expression. If you wish to push past your limiting beliefs, gain deeper insight into yourself, and generally want to have a groovy time we would love to have you!

Click here to register!

Now, my question for you? What is your Theme Song for 2015? What word will help guide your decisions, your choices, your life for the next 12 months? I would love to hear about it here on the blog or you can hop over to my Facebook page and share there too!