Sometimes it Feels Like an Uphill Climb

Why am I trying to fix myself? I’m not broken. Why this constant need to self-evaluate? What do I think is wrong?

For many years I have been on this path of self-development. It has been almost quest-like: seeking out teachers, watching their videos, listening to countless lectures, reading every book, blog, and Facebook post I could get my hands on. It is incredible what you can discover about yourself when you focus on it.

I recently completed Mentor Masterclass, a year long life coach training course. I have never participated in such an intense and incredibly rewarding experience. A year of walking my talk, learning tools and techniques to help you achieve your goals, and pushing myself out of my comfort zone has opened me up in ways I didn’t know before.

And I am ready for a break.

mountain viewSometimes this self-discovery journey is like a long, steady uphill climb – you need to pause and take in the view once in a while. You have to catch your breath and recommit to the climb because you know the view is going to be incredible at the top.

But what do you do when you realize you don’t want to climb anymore? You know you can’t go back down, yet the peak is so far off.

Do you blame your hiking equipment? “If only I had better hiking shoes, then I could make it all the way.”

Do you take it out on your hiking companions? “If only they hadn’t dragged me on this stupid hike.”

Or do you blame the mountain itself? “If only it wasn’t so fucking steep!”

No, you don’t do any of those.

You rest, for as long as you need to feel rested. You drink a lot of water. You refuel yourself with high quality food. You treat your blisters and stretch your muscles. And when you’re feeling truly rested and ready, you continue the climb.

I am half way up the mountain. I am taking a rest and taking care of myself. I’m not sure when I will start climbing again but when I do I share my discoveries with you here.

Are you in a similar place along the path? Feeling stuck and not sure which way to go? I would love to talk with you more about it and see if I can help you. I have just a couple of spots available this month so click on the Work with Me page to schedule a discovery session!

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