Saying Yes Before Saying No

I used to have a pretty rock solid limiting belief that I really didn’t know what I’m doing even if everyone believed I did. When I was a senior in high school I was first chair flute in the band. I always said that the only reason I was first chair was because everyone higher than me graduated the year before. Years ago, while traveling with my sisters, I pointed us in the wrong direction and we got very lost for quite a while. I I tried to sound confident that I knew how to get home but that just made things even worse. So began the Bitchy Sister Roadtrips. Just recently I was offered the opportunity at work to take the lead in planning a very large conference with a $3 million budget. Six months ago that was not on my radar nor in my wheelhouse of skills. Or at least I thought.

2015-02-08 12.27.53 Recently I have been offered several opportunities to expand my horizons, to reach beyond what I thought I could do. From workshops to virtual classes, in all of those opportunities I said yes before I could say no. Why? Because if I say no, the opportunities will stop coming to me. Am I nervous? Yes. Scared? A little. But most of all I am excited to dive in and expand.

What has brought around this change in my thinking? Discovering and embracing my true voice. When I realized that I was speaking with someone else voice I discovered just how much I was holding myself back. By getting in tune with my desires, by acknowledging my feelings, and by embracing vulnerability I have opened myself to receive far more than I thought possible.

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