To Believe or Not to Believe

Have you ever been drawn to something, felt the pull to really go beyond your limits? You have a desire, a dream, and it’s forming right in front of you. It’s pretty exciting isn’t it? You get all jazzed up thinking about it. You tell your friends and your family. You have a ton of momentum and really dive into the work. Then you start to realize that your big dream is kind of scary. You start to doubt yourself. You start think you’re nuts for even trying to do it. Before you even realize it you have talked yourself out of making the leap. You chose to to stay safe, to stay small.

I have been down this path many times before. I have started this journey so many times. Bought the ticket, packed my bags, checked in at the station, and even boarded the train just to jump off at the last minute. Then I sit there in the station, crying, wondering what had just happened, and why I jumped off. My ego talks to me kindly and reminds me that it is “safer” to stay right where I am and not question or wonder or dream because that is scary and dangerous. The ego brings along her friends Ms. What If and Ms. Yeah But and they take me out for a drink.

Rinse and Repeat. Over and over.

For so many years I have stood on the sidelines and wondered what if. What if I had not gotten married so young. What if I hadn’t become a mother at 24. What if I had gone to graduate school. What if I had enrolled in yoga teacher training. What if I hadn’t stopped my dog training business. What if I had stayed home when the kids were young. What if I had spoken up. What if. What if.

Well, I am dog tired of what iffing my life. I deserve a life that is of my design. One that I craft and sculpt and create. One that fits me and shows off all the parts of me. We do not all have to live in fear of the What Ifs and the Yeah Buts. We can boldly and courageously step into the unknown and feel supported.

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